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Daniel is extremely thorough, very easy to deal with.

“I have recently worked with Daniel on my will, power of attorney and health proxy documents. I was looking for a good attorney on these matters and found Daniel through a referral. I had a very pleasant experience through the entire process. Daniel is extremely thorough, very easy to deal with, he invests time to make sure that the issues are understood and clear. Daniel highlighted some areas throughout the process that I did not even think of, he asked me a lot of questions and made sure that every aspect is addressed and researched. He looked into a number of issues related to the fact that my parents do not live in this country to make sure we have everything covered. I asked him so many questions, and he was the most patient to explain. He came to the office early to accommodate my work hours, we also worked on the phone and through email, and he was the most accommodating to make things easier for me. Daniel is a pleasure to work with; he is competent, straight forward, transparent, and reliable. I highly recommend Daniel, I really appreciate his work style, and I actually learned a lot from him. I will certainly work with him again and will continue to recommend him.”

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