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Vacated Fraudulent Deed

Daniel J. Reiter successfully vacated a fraudulent deed his mentally incapacitated client signed. Fraudsters deceived her into believing signing the document would save her home from foreclosure. The client’s home was back in her name in only a few months.

Guardianship Success

  • Daniel J. Reiter successfully petitioned the Court for the appointment of a Guardian for an elderly woman with severe memory and cognitive impairments.
  • Daniel J. Reiter successfully moved the Court for an Order allowing the Guardian’s incapacitated person to die peacefully by entering “DNR” and “DNI” Orders in her medical file.
  • Daniel J. Reiter, successfully applied to the Court for Guardian’s discharge.

Kingship Hearing Victory for $1M+ Estate

Daniel J. Reiter, serving as trial counsel in a Kinship Proceeding for a $1M+ estate, successfully proved that the clients were the rightful heirs of the estate.

Sale of Real Property in Estate

Daniel J. Reiter successfully petitioned the Surrogate’s Court for the transfer of real property that was specifically devised, and which, the executor would not have authority to sell without Court authorization. Mr. Reiter persuaded the Court to authorize the transfer with reliance on the complicated and technical provisions of Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act article 19 and case law from the late 1800s.

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