New York Kinship Attorney

Many people in New York die without a will. Furthermore, some people pass away without close living relatives and it isn’t immediately clear to the judge overseeing their estate who is entitled to inherit. When that happens, it becomes necessary to identify the deceased person’s closest surviving relatives to determine who is entitled to inherit. For an alleged heir, especially a distant relative such as a cousin, proving that relationship can be challenging without the guidance of expert counsel.

New York Kinship Attorney Daniel J. Reiter helps distant relatives, such as cousins, prove their relationship to a deceased relative so they can receive their inheritance. If you believe that you are entitled to inherit from a distant relative’s estate and need to prove kinship, contact the Law Firm of Daniel J. Reiter, Esq. today.

NY Kinship Process

When a New York resident dies without a valid last will and testament, state law determines who is entitled to receive the deceased person’s property. In these cases, the New York Surrogate’s Court appoints an estate administrator to distribute e…